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Cycle of Meetings of Icon Spirituality that we organize, upon request, throughout Sardinia.

"You are Beauty"

Cycle of Icon Spirituality meetings that we organize, upon request, throughout Sardinia.

The meaning is to make God's Beauty known. But what beauty are we talking about?

Let's talk about what Plato defined with the term "kalocagathia", the synthesis that arises from the union between the true and the good.In fact, Plato said: "beauty is the splendor of truth".

A beauty therefore, not simply aesthetic, which arises from the harmony of shapes and figures, from the balanced chromatic combination, but a beauty that is Wisdom, light that springs from a purified soul, from a heart that loves,

by a spirit united with God.

You see outside what lives in your inner life, only those who learn to recognize the Beauty of the Image of God present in their spirit, is able to recognize it in the outside world.

The beauty of iconography therefore is the way that leads to the beauty of God.

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