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The icons are real "colour theological treatises". Consequently, it is necessary to know how to interpret the language, to have access to adequate tools for the interpretation of the symbols present and for their correct reading.

Tradition, speaking of an "icon" teaches that it is an event that directly engages God, not only as an "object" represented, but also as an operating subject. The Holy Spirit is the true iconographer. The Holy Spirit guides the artist's hand, so much so that for this reason, an icon is not signed or dated. The author is the Holy Spirit, man lends his hands, his body, his spirit, his abilities. 

The function of an icon is liturgical.  The Council of 860 states that: what the Gospel tells us with words, the icon announces it to us with colors and makes it present to us. A sacred icon has prayer as its purpose. It must arouse the meditation of those who contemplate it and of those who write it. Therefore a true iconographer must be a spiritual man and according to the teachings of the ancient masters, pray during the execution of the work. Not everyone can be an iconographer, and having good artistic inclinations is not enough, but a profound ascetic, moral and religious journey is necessary.

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