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Requirements to attend our coursesi of Iconography Christian

There are various reasons that arouse in people the desire to attend an iconography course. Often we approach it only to learn about the pictorial technique, but the fundamental motivation must be that of wanting to have a profound experience of Faith.
The icon is prayer and even the techniques follow a theological process. For this reason it is necessary to be very clear that it is not simply a painting course, nor a spirituality course in the generic sense, so syncretistic or esoteric deviations are not allowed.
The symbolic language of the icon coincides exactly with the teaching of the Bible and the Tradition of both the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches, it has nothing to do with other kinds of symbolism.
The courses are open to all people who, after a short interview, show the desire to have this experience of Christian Faith. 
We have matured this decision, after years of experience, as we have realized that courses are often approached very superficially. For this reason we have established rules.
No particular past artistic experience is required, a good aptitude for both technical and artistic drawing can help, but it is not essential at the beginning. 
There are many iconography schools and courses that use different methods. Those who wish to attend with us must accept the rules and methodologies, otherwise they must choose another path.
If a person decides to start a path of Faith, such as iconography, he must absolutely conform to what the type of path he has undertaken requires. 
It is not possible to be iconographers and lead a life that is contrary to Christian values.
The icon is born not simply from an external comparison, but springs from the interiority of the iconographer. Therefore, continuous dialogue with God, communion with the Church and docility to the Holy Spirit are fundamental. The iconographer's personal ethics cannot be in contradiction with the teaching of Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture.
The inner world and humanity are transferred entirely to the completed work. A balanced spiritual life, a purified soul, becomes a channel of grace and the divine Image can communicate itself more harmoniously on the wood of the table.
To approach this unique experience, which is a real spiritual journey, through which we are confronted with the Beauty of transcendence and contemplate the divine Presence, it is necessary to learn the artistic techniques together with the history of our Christian roots, in the recollection of silent prayer.
And slowly, like archaeologists of the spirit, go to the discovery of that divine Image that the Lord has deeply imprinted in the soul of each of us, see it compose itself on the table, under our eyes full of gratitude, with the hand guided by the mysterious Author of every true icon - the Holy Spirit.
For proper training, students who aspire to become iconographers must learn to draw freehand.
There are theological and iconographic canons to be respected, which have been formed throughout the history of the Church. Simultaneously with the study of the techniques of the most important schools of iconography, we will devote a lot of time to the study of the history of Christian art, the theology of the icon, sacred scripture and the liturgy. 
Theology and prayer are very important for the formation of an iconographer. Without these, one simply becomes a painter who mechanically copies models and writes without knowing how to read.
To complete this artistic-spiritual journey, the students will have the opportunity to participate in icon spirituality meetings: retreats, prayer school, meditations, lectio and spiritual exercises with icons and conferences.
Michele Antonio Ziccheddu
Theologian, Iconographer



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